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Bestowe Gifting feature image

Today we meet Catherine Weis, Owner/Lead Concierge at Bestowe Gifting. Bestowe Gifting is an elevated gifting service…

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GoPlay feature image

Today we meet Mugdha Hedaoo, co-founder of GoPlay Cosmetics. GoPlay is a beauty tech startup that’s shaking up the…

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Marco Ice Cream Feature Image

Today we meet Avery Henderson, Co-Founder and the CMO at Marco Sweets & Spices. Marco is all about…

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hydrant feature image

Today we meet John Sherwin, co-founder of Hydrant. Hydrant is a rapid hydration mix brand that is created to be used…

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The Truth Beauty Company Story

Today we meet Jennifer Freitas, Founder and CEO of The Truth Beauty Company. The Truth Beauty Company specializes in…

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Today we meet Alissa Wapinski, co-founder of children’s clothing and accessories brand Noomie. Noomie is mostly…

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Today we meet Stefanie McNeely, founder of the all-natural skincare company Moon Rivers Naturals. Stefanie began Moon…

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Stories XO-Marshmallow

Today we meet Lindzi Shanks, CO-CEO and CO-Founder of XO Marshmallow. What began as cute and sweet gifts for friends…

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Today we meet Kyla Harper, founder and lead designer at Tumble. Tumble is a jewelry and home goods business that Kayla…

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Meet the people behind ecommerce businesses. Inspiring interviews, actionable advice, valuable viewpoints.