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How Boba Love Shares Its Love For Bubble Tea With Cute Apparel And Accessories

Today we meet Veronica Wong, founder of Boba Love. Boba Love is a celebration of all things bubble tea, selling apparel and accessories for lovers of the popular Taiwanese drink. Boba Love is Veronica’s passion project, a busy side hustle that she has created with the help of a thriving community, found mainly on Instagram. What kind of marketing challenges does she face? What other marketing channels is she finding success with? Let’s find out!

Hello! Perhaps you could introduce yourself?

My name is Veronica and I’m the founder of Boba Love! I wear all the hats from product design, website design and development, marketing, customer service, and more. Boba Love is my side hustle that I spend whatever time I have on.

Tell us more about your business.

I started Boba Love in 2018 as a creative outlet. I love drinking bubble tea and wanted to celebrate this piece of Asian culture in the way that coffee or alcohol is celebrated. As an Asian Canadian, I grew up with my feet in two worlds. I wanted to find ways to celebrate that unique culture that shaped me. Boba Love sells apparel and accessories focused around bubble tea and is geared towards bubble tea lovers.

What are you working on at the moment? What are the future plans?

I just launched a new product collection for this year’s National Boba Day, which was at the end of April. The collection celebrates the birthplace of bubble tea – Taiwan – by featuring some of the many amazing snacks and street foods that you’ll find there. I’m hoping to have more products to add by the end of the year and I’m focused on growing my customer base right now! Marketing is something I find really difficult, so I’m hoping to get better at that.

What are your biggest challenges? What motivates you?

One of my biggest challenges is figuring out paid marketing. Since Boba Love is a passion project, I don’t always feel like I can throw money at it until something sticks. I’m hoping to hire someone to help me out with this later this year. Hopefully, they can teach me something, and one day I can be self-sufficient.

What kind of marketing initiatives are the most effective for your business in terms of driving more sales?

I started Boba Love by looking at every possible “free” marketing avenue I could. Instagram became my go-to to build a community and engage with that community. From there I’ve branched off into email marketing and more recently I’m trying to build a following on TikTok.

Can you share what tools, apps, or other useful things you are using in your business?

I run my store on Shopify, which really makes selling stuff online SO easy. I use Google Docs and Sheets a lot as well. I try to stay scrappy to keep costs low.

What is the best business advice you can share with others?

Done is better than perfect. I know that’s super cliche but I see a lot of creators get hung up on every little detail when the most important thing is to launch first. You can always tweak later!

Could you recommend any books, movies, podcasts, learning materials?

I love reading and learning from the Shopify blog, there are always great tips there.

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