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9 Best Ecommerce Chat Tools

One of the most important aspects of ecommerce is communication. Why? Because your customers need a way to talk with you about their purchases and problems and – in real time. While being able to call a personal shopper is great, sometimes we don’t have time for that. Email is a great alternative – but having to wait hours for a response doesn’t help those who need assistance now. 

This is where live chat comes in. Having a direct line to your customers is critical in accurately understanding their shopping experience. As feedback is instant, live chat delivers on-demand. In this piece, we’ll explore the eight best chat tools that can help you create a closer relationship with your customers.

1. Smartsupp

Smartsupp aims to make communication as straightforward as possible for both agents and customers. Chatbots respond to simple questions and can even share files so users can easily receive and send pictures.

Smart Supp

Smartsupp includes other features that will benefit your business. For example, you can customize the chat box to reflect your company’s brand (as shown in the image above). You can also access chat histories to see how customers and agents have interacted with each other in the past.

Smartsupp already offers live chat, but Facebook Messenger integration will be added soon. You can try out Smartsupp’s free version, upgrade to the Standard pack for one-year chat history logs, or use the Pro pack for detailed statistics and team shortcuts.

2. ZenDesk

ZenDesk provides a smooth and simple workspace for your agents – thanks to several core features:

  • You can track different live chat conversations and prioritize them.
  • You can easily see your different customers and who needs help.
  • You can look at previous events and interactions with your customers.

ZenDesk takes a feng shui approach for your employees: allowing users to customize their support environments to better fit their personal needs. 

ZenDesk also offers a demo so you can see how the chat tools function. You can start with the Essential package for live chat tools or you can upgrade to the Team, Professional, or Enterprise plans for public apps, integrations, and many other features.

3. Pure Chat

Looking for a platform that specializes in just live chat? Then, (as the name suggests) check out  what Pure Chat has to offer. In addition to unlimited chats, the platform also provides advanced widget customizations and security roles to improve your live chat.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat also puts a heavy emphasis on integration – allowing users to implement it within a Slack, MailChimp, and many other  applications (shown in the image above). If you use Zapier, then you can integrate Pure Chat with over 1,000 other applications. 

Start off with a 30 day free trial and then transition to Pure Chat’s Growth plan or opt for the PRO plan if you want to use it across an unlimited number of websites.

4. Userlike

Userlike recognizes that retailers need immediate access to the right people – so that’s exactly what the platform enables.


For example, your customer can select an operator group in a specific category that he or she wants to speak to. This will help your customers to avoid long queues or transfers when they need to seek help for a specific problem. In addition, when calls are transferred, operators can see details of each caller’s  previous conversations.

Userlike offers numerous plans. You can start with the Free plan if you only need one operator and widget. You can upgrade to the Team, Corporate, or Business plans as you grow and need more features – such as channel integration and access to more widgets.

5. LiveAgent

LiveAgent focuses on making live chat easier to manage for your business.

Using LiveAgent, users can:

  • Automatically have their support tickets distributed between agents.
  • Track the amount of time each of agents spend on tickets.
  • Allow agents to pause their ticket intake so they can take a break.

LiveAgent stands out because it also provides integration for Slack, Viber, and Instagram. You can use the free version for seven days or upgrade to the Ticket plan for unlimited access.

6. Intercom

Intercom puts a heavy focus on innovation and continuous improvement. The platform focuses on providing proactive support to customers through various tools – such as ticketing workflows and custom bots.


Intercom offers features such as outbound messages, product tours, and mobile carousels – giving customers help before they even make contact with you. If they still have questions, then call handlers can use Intercom to have a live chat with those customers.

A free trial is available but you’ll need the Start plan for live chat, outbound messaging, and other features. You can also upgrade to Intercom’s Grow, Accelerate, or Scale plans to unlock more features – like the help center and custom bots.

7. LiveChat

LiveChat enhances live chat while increasing customer engagement. One of its key features is the ability for customers to leave a positive or negative rating in the chat so users can get instant feedback on each customer’s experience.

Live Chat

A feature that stands out is LiveChat’s Message Sneak-Peek. This allows agents to preview  what customers are typing – so they can find out what the customer’s writing before they hit ‘Send’. 

Start off with a 14-day free trial and then move to the Start plan. Other plans include the Team and Business options – which offer unlimited chat history and full widget customization for each live chat.

8. Olark

Olark works well for businesses that want to use  live chat data to improve their customer support. Users can get a stack of insights such as chat volume and customer satisfaction, enabling users to deploy the right number of call handlers to meet  customers’ needs.


Olark also provides access to previous transcripts. Users can also search, sort, and filter archives to locate transcripts that relate to common problems and issues.

Olark offers a 14-day free trial, but also has monthly, yearly, and biennial payments. No matter what payment plan you choose, you’ll get access to all of Olark’s live chat tools.

9. Helpcenter

Thanks to HelpCenter, anyone running their store on Shopify can have a live chat installed in a matter of minutes, regardless of their previous experience with such tools. You will be able to build transparency and gain your visitors’ trust by offering real-time support. Moreover, your prospects will be able to fill a contact form after office hours that will allow you to get in touch with anyone that needs assistance as soon as you can.


Besides live chat support, HelpCenter offers two other solutions that will enhance your customer experience – FAQ builder and HelpDesk ticketing system.

An easy-to-navigate FAQ page will allow people to find the answers to the common questions quickly, reducing the number of inquiries and lifting some weight off the customer support team’s shoulders. Meanwhile, you will be able to centralize all customer communications in a single place using HelpDesk ticketing and have the most important information right at your fingertips.

All combined, using HelpCenter you will be able to provide a more thorough, personalized customer service that many of your customers will appreciate.

Final Remarks

Providing the proper communication channels to your customers can  benefit your business in the long run. Live chat is a popular solution as it gives customers the immediate help they need, without distracting them  from the hundreds of other tasks they might be doing. The eight tools mentioned in this article all offer live chat options, as well as a host of features that make each one unique. 

In a world where businesses need a point of difference to stand out from the crowd, prioritizing the customer experience is absolutely vital.


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