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6 Must-Follow News Websites for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Ecommerce is an industry that constantly evolves, and if you want to succeed in it you need to keep yourself updated. However, the internet offers so much information from different sources that you may struggle to find the most reliable resources available. To stay in the loop with the top news in the ecommerce industry, here are six news websites you should follow as an ecommerce entrepreneur.

1. Retail Dive

It’s always nice to have many articles to read as an entrepreneur, so Retail Dive will offer you hours of content to read through. Retail Dive is notable because it has pieces that take a different approach from other ecommerce news sites: instead of stating facts, they share specific insights and opinions to help entrepreneurs.

Retail Dive

Retail Dive has a section that gives you opinions from the industry’s thought leaders, as shown in this screenshot. Retail Dive doesn’t just throw information at you: they want to share specific insights and views from journalists and leaders, as shown in their Deep Dive and Opinion sections.

In short, Retail Dive takes a more personal approach by giving you the direct opinions and views of the most successful leaders in the industry. Remember that their opinions matter and will help you, so you should find time to look into the articles posted on Retail Dive.

2. Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce strives to help as many entrepreneurs in the industry as possible. They offer articles on SEO, management, B2Bs, and many other topics. As you work in the ecommerce field, you will face specific problems based on your circumstances. For example, if you are struggling with your conversion rates, then you can read the articles in the “Conversion” section.

Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce does a great job of providing tools and information for new and veteran entrepreneurs. Practical Ecommerce offers the opportunity to network with vendors to help you develop and scale your ecommerce business, which is another great reason to follow them.This is an excellent tool for new entrepreneurs and those that want to expand their businesses.

If you’re not able to look through their website for specific information, then you can sign-up for their email newsletter and free ebook. This way, you can keep yourself informed about the most relevant articles on the website.

3. National Retail Federation

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is one of the oldest organizations created to support retailers in the United States. Offering national statistics and reports, the largest national conference in the industry, and thought-leadership from some of the biggest names in the ecommerce world, the NRF has spent more than a century lifting up retailers. They offer a blog that will give you the most up-to-date trends in the industry, from the most comprehensive data across the country. 

The NRF’s blog offers three main categories of insights for retail entrepreneurs: 

Retail’s Impact: A downloadable report that shows how different retailers and industries perform in each of the 50 states.

Retail Gets Real Podcast: Listen to weekly conversations between some of the biggest leaders in the industry.

NRF Research: Access new research and statistics from NRF and member-submitted research.

National Retail Federation

The NRF offers membership options for different types of entrepreneurs. This includes retailers, industry partners, universities that want opportunities for their students, and FIRA. This makes the NRF one of the best websites to visit if you work in any of these industries. 

So if you want to get information on the latest trends, resources, and statistics in entrepreneurship, from the organization that mobilized for retailers across the nation, it’s time to follow the NRF.

4. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur does exactly what the title implies: they strive to share information that most entrepreneurs will value. This includes a wide range of articles, videos, and webinars. You need to read the articles on Entrepreneur because they tackle current topics and trends which you could apply to your own ecommerce efforts.


For example, Entrepreneur offers insight-packed webinars on everything from starting your business from the ground up, to competing on ecommerce platforms, to higher thought-leadership analysis on the industry’s market trends. Entrepreneur will post webinars by them and other businesses so you can get information on the changing ecommerce landscape. 

Entrepreneur will always display the most recent videos, articles, and webinars to ensure that you never read something outdated when you visit the site. This alone makes it worth your time since you can rest assured knowing that you’re reading the most relevant information available.

5. Modern Retail

Modern Retail is a news website that focuses on physical and digital retail. First, they seek to include as many people as possible by offering articles both for startups and long-standing retailers. Some entrepreneurs may feel like they can get their information from other sources, but they should visit Modern Retail everyday to read through the top stories.

Modern Retail

Modern Retail stands out by inviting entrepreneurs and other influencers in the industry to share their first-hand expertise. Whether it’s commentary on notable industry events and news, or insights into developing a particular part of your business, Modern Retail is a great blog to follow to keep your finger on the pulse. 

The constant updates and easy access to information make Modern Retail a prominent website for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

6. Glossy

Even though the beauty and fashion industries continue to grow, some businesses will struggle to find high-quality information on those niches. Luckily, Glossy is an ecommerce news site dedicated to beauty news. Glossy is great for those in the beauty & fashion niche, as they offer success stories from others in this sector, current events that affect the industry, and how other fashion and beauty brands are using new technologies to scale their businesses.  


With the hyper focus on this niche, you can get ecommerce and digital news as seen through the lens of how they pertain to fashion and beauty. This is invaluable for fashion and beauty entrepreneurs who need a more tailored view of current events.  In short, Glossy is one of the most important news websites for businesses involved in fashion or beauty.


With an industry that’s changing as quickly as ecommerce and digital marketing, keeping up with the latest information helps you adjust and react.  You will face many challenges as an ecommerce entrepreneur, so these news websites will help you to stay informed about the industry. 

If you do this, then you can identify the changes that your website needs to stay competitive and scale. These six sites will offer not only industry news, but real experiences from other entrepreneurs just like you, who have figured out the best ways to compete and grow.


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