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Click and Grow feature image

Today we meet Martin Laidla, PR manager at Click & Grow. Inspired by NASA’s Mars mission and the technologies…

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Shwood feature image

Today we meet Eric Singer, Co-founder and Concept Designer of handcrafted sunglasses brand Shwood. Eric, whose father…

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Next Chapter Studio feature image

Today we meet Brian Gilbreath & Lauren Harms, co-founders of environmentally-friendly boutique greeting card…

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nomz feature image

Today we meet Anna LeRoy, head of growth for nomz, a healthy energy snack brand from Toronto, Canada. Starting back in…

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ookioh feature image

Today we meet Vivek Agarwal, founder of  eco-conscious swimwear brand OOKIOH. Vivek is a trained engineer but…

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Trove feature image

Today we meet Erika Takeuchi, co-founder of “vacation in a box” travel experience company TROVE. As passionate…

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Huron feature image

We caught up with Matt Mullenax, Co-Founder and CEO of Men’s personal care brand Huron. Matt founded the company…

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Boreal Folk feature image

We managed to track down Raphaelle Gagnon, co-owner, co-creator and formulator of husband-and-wife team Boreal Folk…

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B Yoga feature image

With consumer interest in health, wellness, and meditation at an all-time high, there’s lots of opportunity for…

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Lina Karaliene had a decision to make: play it safe working for others or take the plunge and pursue her true passion.…

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Zulfi Moon and his wife Greta are a blessing to cycle commuters everywhere - no more schoolkid-style backpacks…

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