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How The Tubble Has Become The Ideal Solution For Bath Enthusiasts

Today we meet Simona Hisom, marketing associate at Dutch startup Tubble. Tubble’s main product is a durable inflatable bathtub made from PVC, which promises to offer the ideal solution for apartment-dwellers with small bathrooms who miss the warmth and comfort of a good bath. The company was born after its Founder, Arnoud, found himself in just this situation and decided to design and create a comfortable and practical bath that can be rapidly inflated just about anywhere. Let’s hear more about the Tubble, and how Simona and the team have found great success with a tried and trusted marketing channel.

Hello! Perhaps you could introduce yourself?

I’m Simona and I happily joined Tubble about a year ago. As a marketeer, my responsibilities cover a wide range of aspects. No day is the same and there are always different and unique challenges that need to be faced! This is, in fact, one of the main reasons why I joined the company and I really enjoy my time here.

Tell us more about the business you represent today.

Tubble is an innovative start-up. Our vision is to make bathing more accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Thus, our main product is the Tubble, an inflatable bath made of high-quality PVC that replicates all the qualities of a normal bath while being even more comfortable and innovative.


The story emerged from the personal experience of its founder. Back in the day, Arnoud was himself living in a small apartment in Amsterdam and he did not have a bathtub. As many of us crave a relaxing bath at least every once in a while, Arnoud began to think of ways to make it happen. That’s how he decided to design his own inflatable alternative, the Tubble, which we’re all familiar with today. Arnoud’s story is not unique, in the Netherlands at least, there are plenty of people who share it. Because renovating or moving out can often be expensive and time-consuming, the Tubble remains a suitable solution for people that do not have a fixed bathtub at home but would still love to enjoy a relaxing one from time to time.

What are you working on at the moment? What are the future plans?

There are always things to work on, especially in the middle of such a dynamic start-up environment. We always keep on improving the product and that takes most of our time. This is a continuous process that, one could say, knows no end. We keep our eyes open for what our customers need and want, and we do strive hard to find ways to make it happen.


What kinds of marketing or other initiatives turned out to be the most effective for your business so far?

There are several aspects that one could mention to answer this question. In my opinion, there’s power in every marketing channel if it is used correctly. Perhaps, one curious example could be as simple as customer service. This is often a function that tends to be underestimated, but there’s so much power in driving business development via this channel. We’re always trying to find the most suitable solutions for our customers, understand their situations, and help them in the most appropriate way. In turn, we’re often surprised to see the compliments our customers give and the word-of-mouth recommendations that this drives.


What are the biggest challenges you face? What motivates you?

As mentioned, there are always challenges one has to deal with, and this is the most fun part! What motivates me to go on is the challenge itself. There’s always a lot of satisfaction one can take out of a well-completed project. The everyday challenges keep us sharp. In my opinion, this is one of the most important qualities one should master in today’s changing business environment.

What is the best marketing-related advice you can share with others?

To understand their target groups and the way the product or service relates to them. The clearer the understanding one has about this connection, the easier is to create and commercialize a product that brings real value, both for the business and the end-user.


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